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Reuters cites the people familiar with the matter, as saying that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) is considering tweaking its bond-buying operations.

This comes as the central bank seeks to revive a market that many participants say has been heavily skewed by central bank buying.

However, the sources said that the BoJ is in no rush to implement such changes and it will scrutinize market moves to ensure they are stable and that any tweaks it makes won’t trigger excessive volatility.

One of the sources said, “It’s unnatural for markets to focus so much on each and every move of the BoJ. There’s always room to review the BOJ’s market operations.”

Another source noted: “The timing is tricky. It would be unwise to make any changes when markets are jittery. The BOJ’s intention isn’t to create volatility but to give markets room to move a bit more reflecting fundamentals.”