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Substantial fiscal spending initiatives and changes the trajectory of the budget could increase downward pressure on Australia’s AAA  rating and outlook for Australia, ratings agency S&P said on Wednesday.  

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While spending initiatives are likely to support the economy, they’re also likely to weaken Australia’s fiscal flexibility to respond to future unforeseen economic shocks.

Australia’s second-quarter growth rate was the lowest since 2009. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) sprung into action earlier this year, cutting rates by 25 basis points in June – the first rate cut since 2016.  

The central bank then delivered two more rate cuts – one in August and another one in October. Currently, the official interest rate stands at a record low of 0.75%.  

Markets are worried that RBA may end up hitting the zero lower bound next year. With S&P warning against fiscal imprudence, it appears the RBA will have to continue doing the heavy lifting.