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MarketsPulse, which provides a platform for binary options, developed a Spread High Low option for brokers to offer clients.

This new option enables brokers to offer traders payouts higher than 100%. The launch of this new option is particularly interesting for online trading brokers looking to integrated and expand their offerings beyond forex, CFD, and others.

MarketsPulse recently announced  Option on Demand. For more details, here is the press release:

High Low Spread MarketsPulse

MarketsPulse’s New Option “Spread High Low” Allows Binary Options Brokers To Offer Payouts Higher Than 100%  Spread High Low enables binary options brokers to safely offer high payouts with MarketsPulse’s proven price engine.

London- Binary Options brokers who choose to work with now have a wider MarketsPulse  range of features to provide their traders. The newest addition to their full solution is “Spread High Low” option. The feature supports high low options being sold with a dynamic spread, generating dynamic strike prices which change as the market moves.  MarketsPulse’s proven price engine gives brokers the ability to offer calls and puts at  different strikes which are priced in real-time. With that said, this option ultimately allows the brokers to offer traders payouts as high as 100%, or higher, while maintaining the simplicity of the high low trading experience.

“This new option is exciting for both the broker and the trader,” says Ravit Friedberg, Director of Products . “Brokers can use this option to differentiate at MarketsPulse  themselves from their competitors with competitive pricing.”

In addition to the high payouts, traders find this option to be eye-catching by enjoying the comparable simplicity of High Low, which solely requires the trader to decide whether the price will go up or down. Furthermore, the trader will continue to have the ability to sell their position at any given time.