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  • Taptalk is going to build their Gold Points reward system on the EOS blockchain.
  • The blockchain integration will enable micro-payments while eliminating transaction fees.

Tapatalk a mobile app that is used by over 200,000 forums spread in 186 countries worldwide with a registered user base of over 300 million users announced that they will use EOS to power their Gold Point reward system. Blockchain-integration will enable Gold Points rewards by making micro-payments more feasible for end users and eliminate transaction fees from other external payment processors.

Winter Wong, CEO of Tapatalk, said:

“Blockchain integration is the natural next step for Tapatalk as we see many exciting ways this technology will deliver valuable monetization and reward opportunities for forum communities. We are proud to support forum owners in growing prosperous microeconomies in a trusted environment.”

This is excellent news for EOS and the blockchain industry as real-life use-cases like these increases network utility and crypto-adoption.