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Telegram recently  announced the launch of its own native cryptocurrency, GRAM.

Now messaging company have also revealed that it would be launching the Telegram Open Network [TON], the first 5th generation blockchain.  

Telegram has stated  project is being funded by different investors and the platform is  obligated  to deliver a working blockchain and issue its tokens by 31 October 2019. If the company doesn’t manage it, they  would be forced to return the money that has been invested.

The official TON Board on  Telegram  confirmed the launch of TON in the second half of October.  

“Investors have to select validators. Neither Telegram nor the TON Foundation will serve as validators post-launch.”

The source code for the new blockchain network has also been revealed in a nice twist. It didn’t end there as an alpha version of the GRAM token wallet designed for iOS was also released.

So get yourselfs readyas the  e-mail from telegram states that the investors have been provided with the TON Key Generation Software, this will allow  creating public and private keys for TON accounts. Lastly, in order to obtain their GRAM tokens, all ICO participants need to provide Telegram with their public keys no later than Oct. 16.