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According to some reports,  Telegram Open Network (TON) will be compatible with Ethereum.

The company are set to release the code to run a node on the Telegram Open Network (TON) on Sunday.

TON Labs, who are a tech startup helmed by investors in Telegram’s token sale, is helping by building a number of tools for developers to help them build on the new network.

TON Labs CEO and managing partner Alexander Filatov commented.

“That was probably the most difficult thing we built. It will allow the advanced Ethereum community to pull everything they wrote for ethereum into TON.”

“You can play with GRAMs [the network’s token], write a simple smart contract talking to the node via a light client [and]create a wallet,” Filatov said.

TON are expected to launch the new product by Oct. 31. If it does not, Telegram might have to refund investors in its token sale. As stated these reports have not been varifying by Telegram but we are hoping to hear from then soon.


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