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  • Bitcoin hits a temporary setback under $11,000, support at $10,800 to hold before another breakout.
  • Ethereum is holding above an area with immense buyer congestion, the price action to $370 seems imminent.
  • Ripple is looking forward to an inverted H&S pattern breakout, gains above $0.26 to boost the recovery.

Major cryptocurrencies have traded in uncertainty since the begriming of the week. However, as the weekend is ushered in, volatility could make its way to the digital space. Already, most cryptocurrencies have been trading slightly in the green led by Bitcoin’s short-lived spike to $11,000. As discussed earlier, chainlink (LINK) and UniSwap (UNI) followed in BTC’s footsteps and accrued substantial gains. The uncertainly and the sluggish trading is expected to culminate in a perfect squeeze, paving the way for widespread improvements in the market.

Bitcoin’s uptrend temporarily halted under $11,000

Bitcoin built on the support established at $10,600, as highlighted on Thursday. Moreover, a step above the 50 Simple Moving Average (SMA) in the 4-hour timeframe boosted the price significantly. A breakout above the symmetrical triangle pattern extended the bullish leg past the resistance at $10,800. The final approach to $11,000 lost steam significantly beyond $10,900.

In the meantime, a minor retreat has seen Bitcoin slide below $10,900. BTC/USD is exchanging hands at $10,866. Support at $10,800 is expected to remain intact ahead of a potential breakout to $11,000 over the weekend. For now, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows that buyers must overcome the building selling pressure to avert any significant damage to the progress made over the last 24 hours.

BTC/USD 4-hour chart

BTC/USD price chart

Looking at the age consumed, an on-chain metric by Santiment, a significant amount of dormant BTC, was moved on October 8. A spike on the age consumed chart reveals that the cryptocurrency is entering into a period of high volatility. Therefore, the spike towards $11,000 highlights rising volatility in the market and an opportunity for traders to prepare for a significant price movement.

Bitcoin age consumed chart

BTC age consumed chart

According to IntoTheBlock, the path of least resistance is upwards. However, a significant hurdle is emphasized at $10,528 – $11,856. Previously, roughly 1 million addresses bought approximately 720,000 BTC in the range. Movement past this zone could result in gains to the coveted $12,000 level.

Bitcoin IOMAP chart

Bitcoin IOMAP chart

On the downside, Bitcoin is resting on regions of immense support. For instance, $10,544 – $10,872, where 2.4 million addresses bought roughly 1.6 million BTC. If the support remains intact, Bitcoin will hold this range ahead of a breakout beyond $11,000.

Ethereum bulls are nurturing an uptrend

The smart contract token is generally in consolidation. A minor spike in the price stepped above the 50 SMA, in turn, pulling Ether above $350. However, bulls could not sustain the uptrend mainly because of the low trading volume. ETH/USD is trading at $348 at the time of writing. The same 50 SMA protects its immediate downside.

A breakout is likely to take place over the weekend as the Bollinger bands continue to squeeze. Simultaneously, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is almost crossing into the positive territory. Besides, a bullish divergence from the MACD hints that Ethereum is in the hands of the bulls. Sustained price action will call for more buy orders, hence the possibility of Ethereum hitting $360.

ETH/USD 4-hour chart

ETH/USD 4-hour chart

IntoTheBlock’s IOMAP model reveals reducing seller concentration towards $400. In other words, the path of least resistance is upwards for this crypto. However, the hurdle between $351 and $360 must be overcome for a much-awaited price action above $370. Here, nearly 759,000 previously purchased around 4 million ETH.

On the downside, immediate support lies between $340 and $349, according to the model. Previously, nearly 851,000 addresses purchased approximately 13 million ETH. Bulls must defend this zone as if their lives depend on it; otherwise, if broken, the price could plunge towards $300.

Ethereum IOMAP chart

Ethereum IOMAP chart

Ripple imminent breakout past $0.3

Ripple recently hit a snag at $0.26, paving the way for a correction to $0.24. The 50 SMA in the 4-hour range played a crucial role in stopping the losses. Meanwhile, a shallow recovery on Thursday failed to sustain gains back to $0.26. For, XRP is struggling to hold at $0.25 amid a bullish building momentum.

If the correction continues, the 50 SMA will also function as short term support. Other key support levels include the 100 SMA marginally above $0.24, $0.23 and $0.22. An inverted head-and-shoulders pattern suggests that XRP has the potential to rally to $0.30. A break above the neckline (close to $0.26) will boost the cross-border token upwards.

XRP/USD 4-hour chart

XRP/USD price chart

According to Santiment, the token uptake by the whales is rising. A significant uptrend occurred in the number of addresses holding between 100,000 and 1 million XRP, from roughly 16,420 on September 9 to approximately 17,050 on October 8. Over the last 48 hours, addresses holding over 10,000 coins increased by two to 310. The data shows that whales believe a reversal is in the offing. As they grow their holdings, buying pressure behind the crypto is also rising. In the end, XRP will breakout complete the leg to $0.3.

Ripple holder distribution chart

XRP holder distribution

Daily takeaway

Bitcoin price minor rally from support at $10.600 failed to clear the crucial $10,000 resistance again. However, this appears to be a temporary setback based on on-chain metrics.

Ethereum spiked to $350 but could not continue with the uptrend due to the resistance between $351 and $360. On the downside, strong support prevents the price from sliding to  $300.

Ripple, on the other hand, is looking forward to an inverted H&S pattern breakout. On-chain data shows whales accumulating, perhaps expecting gains to $0.30. On the downside, support areas are plenty, including the 50 SMA and the 100 SMA.