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A new currency exchange rate tracker keeps users up to date on forex developments of their choice. It seems easy to use and free of charge.  

This is a short review of a new forex alert service called Track exchange rates  that the provider,  ( wrote for Forex Crunch:

It is a free service which allows a hassle-free tracking of a currency pair of your choice. It’s very easy to use – you start by entering the currency pair, e.g. EUR/USD, which displays the current rate immediately:

Track exchange rates

After click on “subscribe” users can pick from different alert options:

track exchnage rates settings

The last two options may be of special interest to many. They allow users toget alerted only when there have been shifts in exchange rates of a certain magnitude. So for the EUR/USD example, if the current rate is 1.37 USD, and you set “0.03” as minimum change, then you’ll get alerted once the rate is at 1.40 USD or if it falls to 1.34 USD.

This new rate is saved, so in case the rate falls down to 1.34 USD, you know you’ll get alerted again if there is a shift by 0.03, i.e. if it climbs back to 1.37 USD, or falls further to 1.31 USD, without having to make any additional selections, which is quite user friendly.

Without a doubt, there are more sophisticated (and costly) tracking tools out there, but for anybody who wants to keep up to date on a certain currency pair, it’s a free and easy to use alternative. Currently users can only track one currency pair, but we’re working on allowing more forex rates to be tracked.

You can can test the service  here. If you have any feedback, please let us know at info [at]specificfeeds [point]com. Thank you!