Tron targeting 2000 dApps by the end of 2019 on its network

  • Justin Sun, CEO and founder of Tron was speaking positively of its ecosystem growth.
  • There is some concern expressed about the instability of cryptocurrency prices.

Tron CEO and founder Justin Sun was recently speaking about the advance development of their ecosystem and also about their strong growing decentralized applications (dApps) seen on the network, which they continue to dominate.

Sun detailed that Tron are planning to launch as much as 2000 dApps on their blockchain by the end of the year. He did however note that the price instability seen across the crypto market, does create much scepticism in regards to long-term prospects for the blockchain industry.

Tron detailed within their recent blog post on 17 April, that “companies and institutional investors are sitting on the side-lines and not utilizing blockchain or cryptocurrency as a form of payment because” of the extreme volatility of cryptoasset prices.

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