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Trump tells state governors they will ‘call the shots’ when it comes to reopening the US economy – media reports.

Key reports

  • Trump tells state governors that some could begin reopening their economies before May 1 if they want to – New York Times.
  • Trump guidelines for states envision reopening economy in three phases – CBS news reporter on Twitter.
  • Trump expected to announce that centers for disease control and prevention will hire hundreds to perform contact tracing – New York Times
  • Trump expected to announce that the federal government will help states pay for more medical personnel to track coronavirus spread – New York Times
  • Phase one of trump’s guidelines recommends that closed schools should remain closed – CBS news reporter.
  • Phase one recommends that people should maximize physical distance when in public, social gatherings of more than 10 people should generally be avoided – CBS news reporter.
  • Employers should continue to encourage telework during phase one of reopening, trump guidelines say – CBS news reporter.
  • In phase one, bars should remain closed but large venues, like restaurants, movie theaters and sporting venues, could operate with strict physical distancing – CBS news reporter.
  • Guidelines say that in phase two, non-essential travel can resume and schools can reopen – CBS news reporter.
  • During phase three, medically vulnerable individuals can resume public interactions but should practice physical distancing unless precautionary measures observed – CBS news reporter.


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