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Decision Desk HQ has reported that the US President Donald Trump has officially taken the state of North Carolina, which is no surprise and confirms that media tallies which market already knew.

15 electoral votes have been confirmed.   

Meanwhile, whether Trump can reverse the outcome of the election by proving that there were enough invalid votes in enough states to win the 270 electoral votes for victory is a far cry.

 Turning around the results in any other particular state, even in Pennsylvania, will not achieve enough votes and he has to prove a difference in several states. 

So far, Trump and his campaign continue pushing on to contest the election results tooth-and-nail.

Pennsylvania is contested because of the extended deadlines and blocking of observers. The time it has taken for officials to count ballots, according to the Republicans is a sign of something fraudulent happening. 

Michigan is being contested on unfounded claims of a lack of transparency.

Arizona is contested on rumours that some voters had their ballots incorrectly rejected because they used Sharpies to fill them out. 

Georgia apparently counted late ballots and in Nevada, the Republican party claimed that “irregularities have plagued the election” in clark county, the state’s most populous county. However, there is no evidence.

The markets have made up its mind, as has much of the world, that 2021 there will be a Democratic leader in the White House. 

However, what is mostly key, is the Senate.

As it stands, a divided Congress, with the GOP holding the Senate is Wall Street’s preferred outcome and positive for risk sentiment. 

This can transpire into a less weak US dollar, as we have seen on the charts this week: