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Additional remarks from British Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab continue to cross the wires.

Key quotes (via Reuters)

  • There are different levels of support for Chequers, but we will negotiate the best deal we possibly can.
  • The choice come November will be on the deal or a no deal and that should focus minds.
  • I am convinced EU’s ┬áBarnier wants a deal.
  • Not true his conference speech was laying out his stall to run for prime minister.
  • Shouldn’t have a closed mind in negotiations, open to listening to other suggestions.
  • The EU side tends to look at the Northern Irish border issue as if from an ivory tower, it has to be workable.
  • We signed up rightly or wrongly in December to the backstop, we need to honour that.
  • Government is not even countenancing a second referendum.
  • Dangling a second referendum is way to get EU to offer a deal on lousiest terms.
  • I do think that vast majority of lawmakers want us to leave the EU with a deal.