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Lawyers for a group of Scottish politicians told the European Court of Justice (ECJ)  Europe’s top court, European Court of Justice (ECJ), on Tuesday, the UK can unilaterally reverse its decision to leave the European Union, Reuters reports.

Additional Details:

Aidan O’Neill, lawyer for the Scottish politicians told a hearing of a full court of Luxembourg justices who have expedited the case because of its urgency, said all parties agreed that Article 50 could be revoked.

O’Neill noted: “The petitioners’ case is that it’s fundamental to the treaties and values of the European Union that a member state can revoke a withdrawal notice from the European Union without agreement of all other council states.”  

It’s worth noting that if the ECJ concludes Britain can unilaterally reverse Brexit, it could give British lawmakers (MPs) a third viable option as an alternative to PM May’s deal or what ministers describe as a chaotic no deal scenario – staying in the bloc after another referendum.