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According to some UK political analysts, DUP repeated last night that ‘gaps remain’ explaining why no agreement was reached late last night, notes the research team at Danske Bank.

Key Quotes

“Without DUP’s support to PM Johnson’s Brexit deal, it seems very difficult for PM Johnson to get his deal over the finish line. However, as Sky News explains in this video on Twitter , it may be difficult even if DUP supports the deal (320 MPs are needed for a majority).”

“If so, the question is whether the 19 pro-Brexit Labour MPs who want Brexit to get done and the 20 Conservative rebels will vote for the deal or not. Some pro-Brexit Labour MPs are having a hard time supporting Johnson’s proposal, which is a harder version of Brexit than Theresa May’s deal was (which they rejected).”

“Some of the Conservative rebels have already hinted they will vote against the deal. Jennifer Rankin from The Guardian has a Twitter thread explaining what the Johnson-Varadkar-Barnier compromise looks like.”