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Analysts at Danske Bank anticipate the United Kingdom’s (UK) opposition Labour Party to turn down the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s efforts to ignore the Brexit delay bill.

The reports relies on facts from the Sky News and the UK Telegraph while saying that the opposition cannot support a snap election until it knows for sure that the Brexit deadline is extended and PM Johnson may advise the Queen to not give royal assent ahead of the prorogation this week respectively.

Additionally, mentions of France likely using the veto to cancel another Brexit extension and the high preparation of a no-deal Brexit by the Tory leader, as confirmed by ex-Tory member Amber Rudd, could also be found.

Key quotes

“PM Johnson is meeting with Irish PM Leo Varadkar  in Dublin to discuss, among other things, a Northern Ireland-only backstop (but should it cover some or all goods?).”

“According to Paul Brand from ITV, Parliament may be prorogued (‘suspended’) as early as tonight  until 14 October and if so, PM Johnson has to wait until then to get his election. Another possible way could be to bring down his own government by a no confidence vote, which only requires a simple majority (this would be extraordinary but okay, we are in extraordinary times) but then we will likely see a caretaker government taking care of the Brexit extension.”

“In our view, whether Parliament supports an election today or not until it returns in mid-October is not important at this point, as a  snap election seems unavoidable with election day after 31 October and Brexit will as a result eventually be delayed beyond 31 October into next year. Hence, the most important thing is the result and not the timing of it.”