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Beth Rigby, Political Editor at Sky News reports the latest comments delivered by the UK PM Johnson on a likely Brexit deal, in an interview at the Biarritz G7 meeting in France.

PM Johnson on a “million to one chance of a No Deal Brexit”; now says there is a “reasonable chance” of a deal.

And on getting a deal, he said he thinks it’s “more likely” after his meetings with Merkel Macron.

When asked what about No Deal. Can you promises no food shortages?

 “Frankly I think it’s highly unlikely that there will be food shortages of any kind” (not what govt internal Yellowhammer said), Johnson noted.

Shifting the blame to the EU if there is a No Deal entirely onto the EU, the UK PM said: “People who are going to be responsible for a No Deal are not in the UK”.

The comments may trigger big gaps in the Pound and GBP crosses, as it may intensify the UK-EU tussle over the Brexit issue.