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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman crossed the wires in the last minutes, arguing that there is no certainty that the European Union (EU) will agree to an extension if the United Kingdom (UK) were forced to request one in case the parliament voted down the Brexit deal.

“The meaningful vote will go ahead if the speaker agrees and if no amendments are selected which would render it meaningless,” the spokesman announced. “If there are amendments the government will pull the motion for a meaningful vote.”

The GBP/USD pair largely ignored these comments and was last seen moving sideways near 1.2980 with modest daily gains. Below are some additional quotes, per Reuters.

“We complied with the law, parliament’s request has been conveyed to the EU.”

“Discussions between the government and DUP are ongoing.”

“We will ensure as much time as required is given to get the legislation through.”

“The government is opposed to the customs union and a second referendum, both have been voted on before and have not been successful.”

“If essentially the legislation in parliament steps too far away from the Withdrawal Agreement and political declaration, it does bring into question ratification.”

“We have just concluded a very good deal with the EU, that is the deal we are focused on getting through.”