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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman crossed the wires in the last minutes, reiterating that the government remains focused on winning support for the proposed Brexit deal and seeing the timetable delivered. “There’s no guarantee of the European Union (EU)  granting an extension,” the spokesman further noted.

The British Pound largely ignored these comments and the GBP/USD pair was last seen trading at 1.2948, down 0.08% on the day. Below are some additional quotes, per Reuters.

“The PM will open the Brexit debate on Tuesday.”

“Cabinet discussed the timetable for the Withdrawal Agreement bill.”

“Voting down the programme motion would have serious implications and would mean legislation will drift on and on, which is not in the UK’s or the EU’s interest.”

“Our focus is on winning the votes today so we can move on.”

“Voting down the programme motion risks handing control of situation to the EU, making no deal more likely.”