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British Prime Minister Theresa May is now delivering a prepared statement on the latest Brexit talks at the Salzburg summit.

Key quotes

  • Despite the progress, there are two big issues remaining.
  • The EU is still only offering us two options on the economic relationship.
    • Offer no. one on economic relationship would mean we abide by all EU rules, would make mockery of Brexit vote.
  • A no deal is better than a ‘bad deal.’
  • Tusk didn’t make a counterproposal.
  • Uncontrolled immigration would continue, we wouldn’t be able to do trade deals with other countries on EU option, mockery of Brexit vote.
  • Northern Ireland would effectively remain in customs union under EU proposals, that is even worse, parliament has rejected this idea.
  • Anything which fails to respect the referendum and effectively divides our country in two would be a bad deal.