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Amid a host of Brexit headlines crossing the wires, The Sun’s Political Editor, Tom Newton Dunn was reported, via Twitter, as saying that “PM meeting with senior aides in No10 now to plot a way through this week’s carnage. I’m told it’s most likely she will decide to change tomorrow’s vote from a meaningful one to a provisional one – ie her deal, plus Cox’s changes.”

“If she can produce a Commons majority for any detailed deal on the backstop (not just the Brady fudge), then the EU just might buckle and concede to it at the last minute at next week’s EU Council on March 21/22″

“All this, I’m told, was discussed by the PM with Jean-Claude Juncker last night. No10 consider it a win that Juncker even agreed to keep technical negotiations going between officials by the end of the call, so bad is the impasse now.”