UK’s Sunak: UK PM Johnson to bring back Brexit law to parliament before Christmas


Speaking in BBC’s Andrew Marr Show earlier this Sunday, the UK Deputy Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said that PM Johnson is considering bringing back Brexit legislation to parliament before Christmas.

Key Quotes:

“The overriding mandate that we have from this election is to get Brexit done …We will leave the European Union in a matter of weeks, by the end of January. Our intention is to bring the Withdrawal Bill, the legislation, back to parliament before Christmas.” 

“It’s our number one domestic priority and I think this piece of legislation will just underscore that commitment.”

  • Queen to set out UK PM Johnson’s agenda on Thursday – Reuters

The UK government’s commitment to getting Brexit done swiftly is likely to add to the optimism around the pound. Markets could see a fresh round of buying the GBP/USD pair in Monday’s Asian trading, with 19-month highs of 1.3515 back on sight.

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