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Uniswap Price pulls back by around 2% today after having staged a remarkable comeback with a 10% rise over 24 hours
There is still long-term potential for The deFi Exchange Coin
Crypto markets remain jittery after September 7 flash crash

The Uniswap price has staged what seems to be quite a remarkable comeback with a 15% recovery from the September 7 low of $22.30 where it even reached the $25.40 level. This is still way behind the $31.50 mark that was achieved on September 6 which was also a bi-monthly high but the outlook seems positive.

With the DeFi market continually on the rise, it seems that the Uniswap price should continue to rise although it remains some way off its all-time high of $51 registered in April. The continued FUD around the crypto markets as well as El Salvador’s disastrous Bitcoin debut are perhaps temporary pitfalls with the long-term potential of UNI assured.

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Short Term Prediction For Uniswap Price: More Upswing As A Recovery Begins

The Uniswap price has made a remarkable recovery from its swing low of $14 registered on July 20. The DeFi exchange token rose by over 100% to the $31 level on September 1 before being pulled back in the September 7 flash crash. However, it seems that it’s well on its way to recovery with a 15% increase over the past days albeit in retreat today.

If a bullish thesis were to materialize, then we should expect the Uniswap price to fast recover to the $27 level. Another push forward should then take place if this resistance is overcome and the $30 mark could be a distinct possibility. However, a drastic turnaround in the crypto market mood has to occur if this thesis is to pan out.

A bearish thesis would of course invalidate all of this scenario. This would push the Uniswap price back to the $23 level where a sell-off would probably occur. Tight trading ranges leave little opportunity for short sellers to make a profit so this scenario could be short-lived.

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Long Term Price Prediction For UNI: An All Time High By End Of Year?

With the cryptocurrency markets currently in a state of flux, the Uniswap price is passing through a period of uncertainty. It does seem to be one of the coins that has recovered best from the September 7 flash crash so upside potential is definitely there.

Long term, the Uniswap price appears to remain bullish with predictions of $50 by the end of the year not out of the question. A broader crypto market rally in the months ahead should definitely make UNI an attractive long-term investment.

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