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  • US bond yields surge to early-June top as Democrats remain market favorite.
  • Trump’s smaller victories fail to supersede Biden’s lead in Kentucky.

US 10-year Treasury yields add five basis points (bps) to 0.92% as markets in Tokyo open for Wednesday’s trading. In doing so, the risk barometer probes the June month’s high of 0.959% amid risk-on markets.

Early polls suggest smaller victories of US President Donald Trump in Indiana, contrasts to the opponent Joe Biden’s notable lead in Kentucky. This strengthens the hopes of a blue wave, major Democratic victory, in both the American houses.

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It should also be noted that the famous UK researcher YouGov predicts Biden’s landslide victory with 382 seats versus 270 required for the majority. Further, FOX predicted Democrats as a winner in Virginia.

Global markets are cheering the hopes of Democratic victory as they’re perceived to provide more stimulus and can provide a fresh start to Sino-American relations.

However, Trump is known for surprises and has already warned over the mail-in ballots, which in turn probe the risk-on mood.

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