US-China trade war news: Trump considers waiting until after the 2020 elections for a deal


US Pres. Trump: If I want to make a deal with China, I would do very well

Reuters reports additional comments from US President Trump, as he now speaks on the US-China trade talks.

China has become very powerful on US money.

If I want to make a deal with China, I would do very well.

I’m doing well in trade talks with China.

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China may ban all US diplomatic passport-holders from Xinjiang – Global Times

Global Times Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin said on Tuesday, China is considering banning US diplomatic passport-holders from entering the country’s western Xinjiang autonomous region.

Hu tweeted out: “Based on what I know, since US Congress plans to pass Xinjiang-related bill, China is considering to impose visa restrictions on US officials and lawmakers who’ve had an odious performance on Xinjiang issue; it might also ban all US diplomatic passport holders from entering Xinjiang.” Read more…


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