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Analysts at Wells Fargo, point out that in the past 51 years, only 11 times has confidence been higher than it is today. They raised concerns about how long can it continue that way.  

Key Quotes:  

“The last time consumer confidence was as high as it is today was in the year 2000. A number of financial and economic indicators from that era are similar to where they are today. The stock market was soaring to all-time record highs, the unemployment rate was below 4% and the economy was in its 10th year of uninterrupted expansion. Then, as now, there were few people seeing an end in sight.”

“While we still think the current expansion has room to run, we would be remiss not to make note of just how rare a thing it is to see confidence at these lofty levels. Only in 11 individual months since 1967 have we seen confidence higher than it is today. Nine of those months were in the year 2000. The other two were in 1999. This is the thin air of the high peaks.”

“That slower income growth tempers our enthusiasm for the ability of consumer spending to sustain growth indefinitely.”

“The surge in retail sales cannot be denied and we would be foolish to bet against the consumer with such a solid backdrop for consumer confidence. The official write-up that accompanied the release stated that “Consumers’ assessment of current conditions remains extremely favorable, bolstered by a strong economy.” We would not disagree, but what takes the shine off the apple for us is that extremes, by definition, imply “reaching a high, or the highest degree.” If this is the extreme, there is nowhere to go but down.”