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Biden criticized Trump and says he had no plan and lied to the public.

Biden reminds the public that the country is still recording roughly 40,000 new cases a day. he directly addressed people viewing at home, asking, ”how many of you will wake up tomorrow and have lost a loved one?”

Referencing Trump’s comments to Bob Woodward that he downplayed the seriousness of the virus to avoid creating a panic, Biden told America, “You don’t panic, he panicked.”

Biden has argued that the president could not be trusted on coronavirus.

Biden was noting the president previously suggested Americans could protect themselves from coronavirus by ingesting disinfectants.

Trump claimed that infamous comment was made “sarcastically.”

The president then promised a vaccine would be available “soon,”.

After Biden criticized Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, he said that two million more would be dead under his watch.

Market implications

US equity futures are bid despite the debate and following a down day on Wall Street. 

However, the US dollar has matched the recent lows of 93.82 in a continuation of the correction in its approach to key support as forecasted below:

The US dollar tends to weaken into US elections and firm once a president has been elected. 

However, the prospects are for even more fiscal stimulus on a Biden win, which would ultimately weigh on the greenback and lift stocks.