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The latest update from the US 2020 presidential elections suggests the Donald Trump & Company has only a mild lead over their Democratic rivals. With nearly 98% votes already counted by the end of Thursday, Republicans have around 49.5% marks versus Joe Biden’s army holding close to 49.3% votes, as per Edison/Reuters research.

Chatters over Georgia’s Senate faceoff and a delay in the final decision until January have been making rounds. Bloomberg said, “If Biden wins the presidency and Democrats win both of Georgia’s runoffs, the tie-breaking vote in the Senate would be held by Kamala Harris, as vice president. This would give Democrats full control of government — albeit by the slimmest of margins — since they also managed to hang on to control of the House.”

Elsewhere, Kathy Boockvar, Secretary of the State from Pennsylvania, recently crossed wires while saying, “Majority of ballots will be counted by Friday.” The diplomat also mentioned that military and overseas votes will be counted right through to Tuesday next week.

Check live updates for the 2020 US elections here.

Market implications

Although investors are banking on the GOP Senate, a delay in the decision is something that pokes the market bulls. That said, Wall Street marked another notable uptrend by the end of Thursday’s closing with the S&P 500 being nearly 2% away from the record high.