US intellectual property complaints a ‘political tool’ – People’s Daily


The editorial article published by China’s ruling Communist Party paper, People’s Daily, targeted the Section 301 report Washington issued in March 2018, saying the authors fabricated the claim that China stole hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of intellectual property from the US.

Key Quotes:

“If the report is based on imagined or selective data, it’s a kind of science fiction novel,” 

“Intellectual property rights should be a bridge for innovation and cooperation among countries. In the hands of the U.S. it has become a political tool, a weapon to contain other countries, and a veil for bullying the world.”

“China has become a world leader in protecting intellectual property rights”, it added.

“China has established a relatively thorough and high-standard legal system for intellectual property, and continuously strengthens the judicial protection of intellectual property.”

“Even if problems involving intellectual property emerge, these can be solved entirely through legal means.”

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