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White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow stated on the weekend that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “overreacting” to the ongoing NAFTA dispute that saw the US impose hefty steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico, as well as the EU, late last week.  

Trudeau called the tariffs an “affront to the long-standing security partnership between the two countries, and stated that it was “insulting” to hear the US imply that Canada posed a national security threat. Kudlow responded by calling the Canadian PM’s statements an “overreaction”.

“And that’s why I regard this as more of a family quarrel. This is a trade dispute, if you will. It can be solved if people work together… To say that it is an attack on Canada is not right.”

 – Larry Kudlow

Kudlow went on to say that the metals tariffs could go on “for a while”, but that they also “might not”, stating that the entire matter is subject to negotiation.