US Pres. Trump’s pick for top military adviser: China poses top threat for decades ahead – SCMP


On early Friday in Asia, China’s press, namely South China Morning Post (SCMP), released a report that the US President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Joint Chiefs of Staff holds a bias against the dragon nation.

The report quoted General Mark Milley saying that China may remain the “primary threat” to the US military for as long as a century after learning how to fight more effectively by watching American wars in the Middle East. “China went to school on us,” the news report said the US top general further mentions in response to lawmakers’ questions during his confirmation hearing on Thursday before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

FX implication

Even if markets refrained from showing any immediate response to the news, latest tweets from the US President Donald Trump, mentioning China stepping back from the farm imports, could gain additional strength from the upbeat and might become another block during the road to a successful trade deal.

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