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The US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien warned China against any attempt to forcefully take over Taiwan while speaking at an event at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas late Wednesday.

Key quotes

“Part of that is to give them the ability to push us back out of the Western Pacific, and allow them to engage in an amphibious landing in Taiwan.” 

“The problem with that is that amphibious landings are notoriously difficult.”

“It’s not an easy task, and there’s also a lot of ambiguity about what the United States would do in response to an attack by China on Taiwan.” 

Market reaction

The market sentiment remains upbeat amid hopes of US fiscal stimulus and coronavirus vaccine. The comments from the US Vice Presidential debate have little to no impact on the market.

Asian stocks are flashing green, with the Nikkei 225 index at multi-month highs. S&P 500 futures rise 0.30% to 3,417, as we write.