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Speaking on Forex TV with Julie Sinha, I spoke about technical levels for selected pairs, including key levels to watch for. In addition, we discussed teh impact of the events in Egypt on currencies, and some of the important events awaiting us next week. We’re up for a very busy week regarding US and non-US indicators. Enjoy!

EUR/USD slipped down, but managed to bounce back up. GBP/USD is standing exactly at the critical spot – 1.60, while AUD/USD dipped below parity, but managed to close above it – a bullish sign.

In Egypt, Mubarak has stepped down, but the future is unclear. The protesters want to see the army really transitioning the country into democracy, and they are somewhat split between themselves. Within the army ranks, there also are conflicts between the high ranking generals and the officers on the field. This isn’t fading away so fast.