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In an interview just before year’s end on Forex TV, I spoke with Julie Sinha about technical levels of EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD, and what’s behind those moves. We also took a peek into 2011. Enjoy!

While the Aussie had all the reasons to rise during the all the year and also into the next one, this week’s record breaking move was rather surprising – the Chinese rate hike during Christmas had a very small effect early on Monday. The Pound also enjoys strong support, stopping its fall. Will this continue in 2011? I don’t think so. EUR/USD traded in a rather wide range, as the low volume meant that small orders rocked it. When there are no bad news, the Euro could rise.

At the beginning of the next week (and the next year), a post with 11 predictions for 2011 will be published. Stay tuned and happy new year!