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The US Vice-Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris runs for 90 minutes from 12pm Syd/9am Sing/0100GMT.

There is a renewed interest on the Vice President debate considering we are still unsure as to whether there will be another debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden given Trump’s diagnosis of COVID-19 last Friday. 

Being first in the line of succession has never been more significant and both debaters know it.

People are taking a serious look at the number two candidates as neither seems to have the populating baking in an opinion of either candidate, according to polls. 

Many people have never heard of them, or have heard of them but have no opinion of them. 11% in Pence case and 15% in Hariss’s case. 

This means that those of whom are sitting on the fence could be swayed by either Pence or Harris. 

The majority that does know the two candidates, Pence is less popular than Harris. 

As of September 2020, 40 per cent of U.S. adults surveyed had a very unfavourable opinion of Vice President Mike Pence, while 25 per cent of respondents had a very favourable opinion of him, according to Statista.  

Meanwhile, 37% of registered voters say they view Harris favourably, compared to 32% who said they have an unfavourable view of her, according to a ABC News/Ipsos poll released in August.

For a bit of background on the two, in one corner we have a woman who aspires to be the first female vice-president in history. The California senator is 55 years of age and is known to be one of the toughest interrogators in Congress.

She is a hardened former lawyer who has left congressional witnesses bloodied after tearing into them in Senate hearings.

In the other corner, you have an unflappable Republican vice-president. Pence, 61, is known to be very articulated under pressure, mostly for how he holds his own even under the most intense media questioning.

He has been a pillar of loyalty to Trump for the first term, walking in lock-step on the majority of issues and through every controversy. 

Pence will need to clean up the mess on behalf of the White House

On a last thought, the first debate between Trump and Biden was so awful and hardly addressed policy, the US population, and financial markets for that matter, are hoping for a proper discussion about the vision for America being offered by each ticket.

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Market implications

The US dollar has been under pressure but will thrive on uncertainty if US stocks cannot maintain traction on the bid.

DXY stationary on FOMC minutes, needs to hold above 93.40