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  • Cardano’s Shelley testnet was highlighted as one of the main reasons behind the superiority.
  • The detractors claimed that Weiss Ratings has lost its credibility.

A crypto and financial ratings firm, Weiss Crypto Ratings, has divided the cryptocurrency community on Twitter by claiming that Cardano is “clearly” superior to EOS.  

The company said:

Cardano is clearly superior to EOS. EOS was first to market, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that of the two, Cardano is vastly superior. More details on this in subsequent tweets.

The argument between the rival projects heated up. Weiss followed up its statement in a series of tweets, starting with its observation that EOS has centralization problems. It said:

Not only does #EOS have problems with centralization, but lately, the network has also been unable to process any transactions for anyone who doesn’t have a substantial amount of EOS locked up and staked. This is a result of EOS trying to go with a feeless structure.

In a follow-up tweet, the firm shared more details backing up its claim. It said that Cardano is superior to EOS because it had just completed the first snapshot and balance check of the network for the Shelley incentivized testnet. The tweet claimed:

Cardano completed the 1st snapshot and balance check for its incentivized Shelley testnet. This latest step toward staking will allow investors to earn rewards on their $ADA for the 1st time.

The tweet got mixed reactions from hundreds of users. Some disagreed with Cardano’s superiority by saying that EOS had a far bigger user base and potential. However, despite the vast differences in opinion, almost everyone seemed to agree that Weiss Ratings has lost its credibility.