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WH Economic adviser Larry Kudlow, speaking on CNBC this Monday, commented on the much talked about and recently concluded US-China trade talks.  

   “¢   The fine details will be worked out over time with China. Are making progress.
   “¢   Progress is progress in terms of the Long term.
   “¢   If China reduces trade barriers, the US will be able to export volumes of goods and services.  
   “¢   You cannot remove tariffs from this process. Not saying tariffs are over, but we are in a negotiations stage.
   “¢   Tariffs will play a role in the negotiations. That’s how it works.  
   “¢   No one is satisfied with the intellectual property situation in China.

Additional quotes:

   “¢   We want a good deal on NAFTA.
   “¢   Many of items on NAFTA has been negotiated.
   “¢   There is a willingness to get a deal done.
   “¢   Does not think the timeline is as tight as Rep Paul Ryan outlined. May be flexible.
   “¢   We are entering a new long cycle of growth and prosperity.
   “¢   USD looks steady, ‘Steady is good’.
   “¢   Strong USD attracts investment.