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  • The impact of the data breach could be extensive.
  • Among the user details exposed are credit card numbers, bank details, and crypto wallet addresses.

According to the data by vpnMentor, a researcher platform, user data from a crypto lending platform referred to as YouHodler were exposed during a breach. The discovery was made by the team at vpnMentor led by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar.

vpnMentor details that a massive 80 million in records of user data was exposed. The data ranged from full names of the users, their email addresses, addresses, contacts, credit card numbers, bank details, CVV numbers and in some instance crypto wallet addresses.

The research platform says that the implications of the data reaching the wrong people could be extensive. Upon contact on July 22, YouHodler moved to close the breach.

“The nature of the data that leaked from YouHodler’s database could have serious consequences. Any platform that stores credit card data should be taking several security precautions,” vpnMentor said via a blog post.

In continuation vpnMentor said:

“It’s always dangerous to have a user’s full address; however, the threat increases when it’s connected to their financial information. Thieves would have more cause to target users who have a more significant sum in their crypto-holdings. They could also use the bank information present to choose wealthy targets for a variety of in-person attacks.”

You can read the full report here.