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  • XLM price has confirmed a continuation of its uptrend due to the recent price action. 

  • Increased development activity adds credence to Stellar’s bullish outlook.

  • A 4-hour candlestick close above the $0.40 resistance may lead to another 20% upswing.


XLM price looks promising after seeing a 200% increase in Q4 2020. While the beginning of 2021 has been quite volatile, Stellar recently managed to retest a resistance barrier that may be pivotal for the continuation of its uptrend.

XLM price must regain $0.40 as support

Stellar appears to have broken out of a bull pennant on February 5. This technical formation is regarded as a continuation pattern that usually leads to further development of the previous trend. 

The height of the flagpole hints at a 40% target. If validated, XLM price could rise towards $0.50 before the next significant correction.

To do so, Stellar must slice through the $0.40 decisively. A 4-hour candlestick close above this resistance level will confirm the bullish outlook. 

XLM/USDT 4-hour chart

XLM/USDT 4-hour chart

While a spike in buying pressure can help push XLM price above $0.40, the network’s development activity adds to the bullish thesis. 

A spike in this metric is often seen before a network update or product release. As a result, speculation usually mounts when this metric increases, consequently pushing XLM price higher. 

Stellar’s development activity surged by 35% between January 30 and February 7, which may soon be followed by speculative buy orders that allow XLM to break through $0.40.

Stellar Developer Activity chart

Stellar Developer Activity chart

Regardless of XLM price bullish targets, the bearish scenario cannot be overlooked. 

A rejection at $0.40 might trigger a sell-off or a cascade of liquidations across the board. If this were to happen, the resulting downswing could push Stellar’s market value to the 50 four-hour MA around $0.33, representing a 15% correction from the current price level.