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  • XRP tokens can now be bought in Binance via credit cards thanks to their partnership with Simplex.
  • Earlier only Bitcoin, Etheruem, and Litecoin could have been bought in this manner.

Binance now allows users to buy XRP tokens in their exchange through credit cards directly. Binance had added this feature thanks to their partnership with Simplex, a payment processing company,  which allowed users to buy certain tokens using only their credit cards. Initially, only Bitcoin, Etheruem, and Litecoin could have been bought like this, but now, Ripple has been added to the list as well.

A Twitter user, @XRPcryptonation tweeted:

“A friend of mine tried to buy xrp on Binance with a credit card last night and it wasn’t available yet. Checked this morning and it is now live. You can purchase XRP with your debit or credit card. 3 for $1 but not for long baby! #xrparmy #xrpcommmunity”

CZ retweeted the same with a comment:

“XRP purchasing using a credit card is working now. Slowly but surely.”

@sixinbrian, a Twitter used commented,

“Might as well max all the credit cards for when the bubble pops right?”

On the other hand, a user @projectsunltd had some strong words for the feature and said,

“Sorry Binance, I usually recommend your exchange. I cannot recommend your direct purchases with credit card. The fee is ungodly. That same BTC if purchased $4000 would yield $140 in fees! VS.. @UpholdInc at the same purchase and market rate would yield $42 in fees.”