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  • The video giant has claimed the crypto-related videos to be “harmful or dangerous content.”
  • YouTube had not provided any earlier notice before deleting these videos and channels.

YouTube seems to have been restricting and removing crypto-related channels and videos on its platform. Many influencers, including Chris Dunn, veteran crypto investor, have reported the case. He claimed that YouTube has suddenly deleted some of his videos, citing “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of regulated goods.” He also added that he’s been creating similar content for more than ten years and hasn’t witnessed any issue so far.  

Another well-known crypto channel called BTC-Sessions appears to be facing similar issues. It stated that a three-year-old video had been removed – for being harmful and dangerous. YouTube had not provided any earlier notice for either of the above incidents.

Omar Bham, a crypto influencer, believes YouTube is taking severe actions against the crypto industry. He had spoken about the power of major corporations like Facebook and Google by stating an example of how his crypto-related Facebook group was removed recently. This is not the first time social media networks took action against the crypto industry. Back in 2018, Facebook and Google had banned crypto-related ads. Later in the same year, the ban was partly removed by both the firms.