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  • ZClassic creator pumped the coin’s price.
  • At the time of writing, ZCL retreated from the recent high.

The privacy-centric cryptocurrency ZClassic (ZCL), a fork of the Zcash coin, rose 60%, over the weekend, peaking at $0.45.

Bullish momentum is associated with the marketing move proposed by cryptocurrency creator Rhett Creighton. He gave out 1000 ZCLs to ten followers on Twitter, asking them to send 10 ZCLs to 50 other people.

That’s what he posted on his Twitter account  

I think we need to put more ZCL in the hands of people who understand Crypto. I’m going to send 1000 ZCL Each to 10 people below

1. Post a QR code
2. Promise to send 10 ZCL to 50 OTHERS#800cc  

ZClassic price jumps did not pass without a trace. According to the 2CryptoCalc calculator, the coin came out on top in terms of mining profitability, later dropping a line below.

At the same time, ZClassic demonstrated rather modest trading volumes of about $10,330. Now the cryptocurrency exchange rate has rolled back to $0.25.

Notably, at the end of September an error was discovered in all Zcash implementations, including the ZClassic fork. The error allowed to reveal the IP address of the full node that onwed the protected address (zaddr).