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  • Zuckerberg is focused on doing everything right with Libra unlike what would have happened five years ago.
  • Facebook will continue to engage external parties to get feedback on its plans for the project.

Facebook’s proposed Libra digital currency has been facing a lot of scrutiny and backlash from regulatory institutions and lawmaking bodies in both the US and Europe. Some of the concerns touch on how Facebook has been dealing with user privacy and data protection while others concerned parties  ask  what could happen if Facebook rises to control a significant amount of money in the global economy.

In an exclusive interview with Nikkei Asian Review the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg says the company is committed to working through all the disputes and concerns raised before moving forward. He adds that there is no definitive launch date and that the main focus is on doing everything regarding Libra right. He, however, hopes that it will not take too.

“Obviously we want to move forward at some point soon [and]not have this take many years to roll out,” he said. “But right now I’m really focused on making sure that we do this well.”

Zuckerberg continued:

“Part of the approach and how we’ve changed is that now when we do things that are going to be very sensitive for society, we want to have a period where we can go out and talk about them and consult with people and get feedback and work through the issues before rolling them out.”

The CEO admits that this look-before-you-leap approach is not something Facebook would have done five years ago. He added, “But I think it’s the right way for us to do this at the scale that we operate in.”