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If you’re looking to trade currencies online but don’t have the knowledge or time to actively perform technical analysis – forex signals could be the solution. In choosing a top-rated forex signal Telegram group, you’ll be told what positions to place based on the provider’s own research.

In this guide, we review the Best Forex Signals Telegram Groups for 2021.

Best Forex Signals Telegram Groups List

Below you will find a list of the best forex signals Telegram groups that we will be reviewing today.

  • Learn2Trade – Overall Best Best Telegram Forex Signals 2021
  • Pipchasers – VIP and Free Telegram Forex Signals
  • FXStreet – Daily Forex Telegram Signals Alongside Educational Resources
  • AltSignals – Telegram Forex Signals Group With 56,000+ Members
  • FX Premium – Combine Forex and Commodity Signals via a Single Plan

Best Forex Signals Telegram Groups Reviewed

With hundreds of so-called experts now supplying forex signals via Telegram – choosing the right provider can be challenging. After all, it can be difficult to know whether or not the forex signal service is legitimate without trying them out first.

To help point you in the right direction, below we discuss the best forex signals Telegram groups for 2021.

1. Learn2Trade – Overall Best Best Telegram Forex Signals 2021 in all, we found that Learn2Trade is the best forex signals Telegram group in the market – both in terms of trust and performance. First and foremost, Learn2Trade has been supplying signals to the global forex arena for several years and its Telegram group is home to 25k+ subscribers.

It has a team of highly experienced forex traders working in-house that performs technical analysis around the clock. When receiving a signal from the provider, you will be told what forex pair the suggestion relates to and whether you should place a buy or sell position with your forex broker. Unlike many forex signal providers in this space, Learn2Trade will also provide risk-management orders. This includes an entry price via a limit order and an exit price with stop-loss and take-profit orders.

In total, you will receive between 3 and 5 forex signals every day (Monday to Friday) when you sign for the premium plan. This will cost you just £35 per month, but cheaper plans are available when you sign for at least 3 months. Crucially, if you’re new to Learn2Trade, you will be offered a 30-day moneyback guarantee upon signing up.

This gives you enough time to assess whether or not the provider is right for you. If not, it’s just a case of submitting a no-questions-asked refund request. Alternatively, you might even consider starting off with the free forex signals Telegram group.  This will get you 3 forex signals per week free of charge – with no requirement to make a deposit. In terms of pasta performance, Learn2Trade claims a long-term win rate of 76%.

This translates to 760 profitable trades out of every 1,000 forex signals. By visiting the Learn2Trade website, you will find a plethora of free educational tools that you can use in conjunction with its signal service. This includes in-depth guides, courses and forex trading strategies.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.


2. Pipchasers – VIP and Free Telegram Forex Signals

With more than 7+ years in the forex signal industry – Pipchasers is well known in this space. The platform specializes in major and minor forex trading markets – with the team of in-house analysts combining the fruits of technical analysis and price action research.

With that said, Pipchasers will from time to time send out signals related to precious metals such as gold and silver. Nevertheless, across the board, Pipchasers aims to make gains of 2,000 pips per month.

What this translates to in dollars and cents will depend on how much you stake per position. If you want to join the free Telegram forex signals group, there is no requirement to create an account or deposit any funds. The key problem with the free group is that some signals are restricted.

This means that a specific data point – like the stop-loss price, will be blacked out. The VIP Telegram group offers 5-9 forex signals per week, which illustrates that the Pipchasers team will only send out a suggestion if they are confident on the position. Pricing starts at £59 per month. There is a slight discount when signing up for a 3-month plan at £149.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

3. FXStreet – Daily Forex Telegram Signals Alongside Educational Resources

FXStreet is an online platform that offers a significant volume of free educational resources linked to currency trading. This covers everything from entry-level trading guides, webinars, strategy suggestions, and live economic news.

FXStreet also offers a fully-fledged forex signal service via its ever-growing Telegram channel. There are three VIP plans on offer, with the 1-month option costing just €35.

A 3-month and 6-month plan will get the monthly fee down to just €31.66 and €26.66 respectively. All three plans will get you access to several forex signals every day – all of which come with a dynamic take-profit and stop-loss suggestion. Not only do signals cover day trading moves, but longer-term strategies, too.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.  


4. AltSignals – Telegram Forex Signals Group With 56,000+ Members

AltSignals is a signal service provider that specializes in two key asset classes – crypto signals and forex signals. The two services come as separate packages, with the forex signal plan costing €115 per month.

This is somewhat expensive, albeit, the provider does claim to make gains of at least 1,000+ pips per month. While there is no way for us to verify this, if this profit level is achieved then the monthly subscription fee is arguably worth it. The signals are sent via the AltSignals Telegram group – which nows boasts over 56,000+ members.

All forex signals that are sent by the provider will come alongside take-profit and stop-loss order prices, as well as in-depth market research. The latter ensures that you have a basic understanding of why AltSignals has sent the trading suggestion. The team at AltSignals is comfortable trading in both bullish and bearish markets, so there will always be opportunities to make gains.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.  


5. FX Premium – Combine Forex and Commodity Signals via a Single Plan

FX Premium is a popular signal service provider that not only specializes in the global forex markets, but commodities too. In fact, FX Premium is one of the few signal providers that combines the two asset classes via a single plan.

This allows you to make moves on everything from EUR/GBP and AUD/USD to gold and Brent crude oil. In total, you will receive 5-7 forex signals per day, alongside 1-2 commodity trading suggestions. As the team at FX Premium have a global basis, its signals are suitable for all timezones.

When it comes to pricing, this starts at €69 per month. By signing up for the 3 or 6-month plan, this will set you back €149 and €249 respectively. In terms of target profits, FX Premium aims to make between 1,000-2,000 pips per month via its forex signals. It strives to makes even more from its commodity signals at a target of 2,000-3,500 pips per month.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.  


How do Forex Signals Telegram Groups Work?

In a nutshell, forex signals Telegram groups allow you to trade the global currency arena without needing to do any research. Instead, your chosen signal provider will send you real-time signals that are comparable to trading suggestions. In order to send quality forex signals, the provider will perform technical and fundamental research behind the scenes.

When the signal provider believes that a trading opportunity has presented itself, it will then post a series of order suggestions via its Telegram group. For example, the signal might instruct you to place a sell order on EUR/GBP at a limit entry price of 0.8650. The very best Telegram forex signals will also instruct you to set up a stop-loss and take-profit order.

Here’s an example of what a forex signal might look like when it arrives in your Telegram inbox:

  • Buy
  • L/O: 155.160
  • S/L: 154.800
  • T/P: 157.009

First and foremost, the above forex signal is telling us to place a buy order on GBP/JPY – meaning that the trade is speculating on the exchange rate between the British pound and Japanese yen increasing. We are also told to enter the market with a limit order price of 155.160.


This means that the order will only be executed by your broker if the target entry price of 155.160 is triggered by the markets. The signal also tells us to enter a stop-loss order and take-profit order at 154.800 and 157.009, respectively. All in all, the signal gives us each and every required order to be able to trade the forex pair in a risk-averse manner.

What do you do With Telegram Forex Signals?

Once you receive a Telegram forex signal from your chosen provider, it is then up to you to act on it. That is to say, you need to enter all of the signal suggestions via an order box at an online forex broker. This means that forex signals allow you to trade in a semi-automated way, as you still need to place the respective orders.

If, however, you want to trade in a 100% passive manner, you might be better suited for an MT4 robot or the Copy Trading tool offered by eToro.

Are Telegram Forex Signals Legit?

It goes without saying that anyone can create a Telegram group offering ‘premium’ or ‘VIP’ signals. Whether or not the signals actually make money remains to be seen. In fact, in our search for the best Telegram forex signals for 2021 – we concluded that the vast majority of providers in this space are scam artists.

The good news for you is that there are several safeguards that you can take to ensure you avoid a rogue signal service. For example, some of the providers that we reviewed – such as Learn2Trade, offer free Telegram forex signals.

This gets you three signals per week with the aforementioned provider without requiring you to open an account or deposit any funds.  The second, and perhaps most important safeguard offered by Learn2Trade is that of its 30-day moneyback guarantee.

This allows you to sign up for one of its premium plans – which gets you 3-5 signals per day, in a risk-free manner. This is because you can initially test-drive the signals via a forex demo account. If you then find that that the service isn’t for you, it’s then simply a case of requesting a refund.

How to Pick the Best Forex Signals Telegram Groups for You

We mentioned above that finding a trusted forex signal provider that consistently outperforms the market is no easy feat. To ensure you are able to separate the good from the bad – below we discuss some key considerations that you should make before joining a Telegram forex signal group.

Reputation and Reviews

The first thing that you will want to ascertain in your search for the best Telegram forex signals for 2021 is whether or not the provider in question is credible. Once again, this is because the signal service can easily make bold claims about making returns in the thousands of pips per month – but there is every likelihood that this isn’t legitimate.

As such, a good starting point is to perform some research to see what the general consensus is in the online forex community. Websites like TrustPilot and Reddit are great for this. You do, however, need to look out for so-called fake reviews left by the signal provider itself – which is known to be a common occurrence in this space.

Win Rate

Once you feel confident that the signal provider is legitimate, you can then assess its historical win rate. In most cases, the provider will display a percentage win rate on its website. For example, if the provider claims to have a Telegram forex signals win rate of 80%, this means that in theory, 80 out of every 100 suggestions return a profit.

Of course, there needs to be a way for you to verify this information – so signal trading platforms that have connected their trading accounts with Myfxbooks are likely to be credible. This is because each and every position the provider enters will be publicly viewable via Myfxbooks – which cannot be manipulated.  

Free Trial

Even if the provider has connected its trading account to Myfxbooks, you should still look to test the Telegram forex signal service out yourself. The most effective way of doing this is to sign up for a free trial – if this is something offered by the provider. Alternatively, a 30-day moneyback guarantee policy is just as useful for this purpose.

Either way, this will allow you to enter the forex signals into a free demo trading account that mirrors live market conditions. After a couple of weeks, you can assess whether or not the forex signals work for you. If they do, you can then commit to a longer plan.


You should also assess how much the forex Telegram signals group will cost you. In most cases, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription. Many providers accept convenient payment methods like a debit/credit card or Paypal -and the subscription fee will automatically be taken each and every month until you decide to cancel.

In terms of how much you should expect to pay, there is no hard and fast rule. Crucially, if you’re focusing purely on finding a cheap provider, then there is every chance that the forex signals will be of low quality.

Equally, just because the forex Telegram signals provider charges a high monthly fee doesn’t mean that the suggestions will make you money. As such, while fees should always be considered, you should base your decision exclusively on cost.

Number of Signals and Timezone

When searching for the right Telegram forex signal group for your needs, it’s also worth checking how many suggestions you will get each day. This information is usually displayed on the provider’s website. Perhaps even more importantly – you also need to ascertain what timezone the signal provider works on.

For example, if you’re based in Australia but the provider is located in the US – you are going to be receiving forex signals at unfavorable times. With that said, the likes of Learn2Trade operate on a 24/7 basis, so irrespective of the region you live in – you will receive signals that align with your local timezone.

How to Get Started with a Forex Telegram Group

If you’re looking to get started with one of the best forex signals Telegram groups right now – we are going to walk you through the setup process with Learn2Trade.

Step 1: Choose Your Premium Forex Signal Plan

The first step is to visit the Learn2Trade website and choose a forex signal plan. Although the platform offers free Telegram forex signals, this will only get you 3 suggestions per week. As such, this likely won’t give you enough data to truly test the provider out. Instead, it might be a better idea to sign for one of its premium plans- which will get you 3-5 signals per day.

Crucially, all plans come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee – so if for any reason you are not satisfied you can ask for your subscription payment back.

Step 2: Join the Learn2Trade Telegram Forex Signals Group

Upon paying for your premium plan subscription, you will receive a confirmation email from Learn2Trade. This will explain how to join its premium forex Telegram channel.

Once you have entered the group, you should then amend your notification settings to ensure you never miss a forex signal. In fact, it might be a good idea to select a notification sound that is unique to the Learn2Trade group.

Step 3: Set up a Free Forex Demo Account

As you will be testing Learn2Trade out for the first time, it’s important to ensure you initially place its forex signals via a free demo account. This is something offered by many forex brokers in the online space, albeit, we find that eToro is the best platform for this purpose.

practice forex signals on demo account

This is because the provider will give you a virtual portfolio with $100,000 in paper trading funds as soon as you sign up. Plus, eToro offers dozens of forex markets – all of which can be traded at industry-leading prices.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 4: Place Forex Trade

When you receive a Telegram notification from Learn2Trade, this means that a new forex signal has been posted to the group. Open the Telegram app and review the information provided.

eToro forex trade

In a nutshell, you will be told what currency pair the signal relates to, whether you should place a buy or sell order, and what limit, stop-loss, and take-profit prices to enter.

Step 5: Keep a Forex Signal Journey

Once the first forex signal has played out – make a note of how it performed. You should enter all of the orders that Learn2Trade suggested, whether the position resulted in a profit or loss, and by how many pips (or percentage points).

Repeat the above process for at least a couple of weeks to ensure you give the Learn2Trade signal service enough time. Just remember, if for any reason you are not happy, you will need to submit a refund request before the 30-day period is up.

Best Forex Signals Telegram Groups – Conclusion

If you’re looking to make a success of your currency trading endeavors but don’t have the skill set to perform technical analysis throughout the day – the best forex signals Telegram groups might have the solution.

As we have discussed throughout this guide, your chosen provider will research the markets on your behalf and then tell you what orders to place once a trading opportunity has been identified.

In terms of which provider to go with, we found that Learn2Trade offers some of the best Telegram forex signals in the market. With prices starting at just £35 per month alongside a 30-day moneyback guarantee policy – the 3-5 daily forex signals that you will receive represents great value.

Learn2Trade – Best Telegram Forex Signals 2021


There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.



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