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  1. jajano
    May 17 - 15:35

    SELL Eur/Usd.
    the bear still dancing..

  2. Trading Market Online
    May 17 - 23:30

    on the fears of Greece eur/usd fell to 1.18 so it is possible that the pair would go down even further if Greece eventually exit the eurozone. actually I think europe can handle the exit of one country and the currency bloc would be better without it. eur/usd can easily rally after the fall.

    • Yohay
      May 18 - 12:40

      I also think the euro-zone can weather a Greek exit, yet a convincing contingency plan must be put in place.

  3. Glenn
    May 18 - 05:13

    “It will not be surprising if also Greece is already secretly printing euros.”

    I like this idea, but did you mean “secretly printing drachmas”? :)

    • Yohay
      May 18 - 12:40

      Thanks Glenn. I meant drachmas indeed. Fixed it.

  4. Mistik
    May 18 - 07:27

    What kind of analysis is this?

    “try to pick the bottom and go long” — Bottom can be any price…even the price which shows right at this moment can be the bottom!!!!


    the high volatility can also lead to strong buy if the price jumpy up and exceed the 4H resistance line and stays above! In this case the EUR will jump as high as above 1.32 (midterm resistance) before falling…(IF)!

    • Yohay
      May 18 - 12:43

      Mark, yes, any price can be bottom. I’m talking about the bottom after an initial fall. In my analysis, I’m drawing the possible scenario for the Grexit, why it can happen, how it will happen and how markets can react.
      I agree that the strong volatility could also lead to a significant jump, although 1.32 immediately after a Greek exit seems a bit too much. Perhaps in the longer run.

  5. John D
    May 18 - 08:07

    Going long in a bearish market is not wise

    • Yohay
      May 18 - 12:39


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  7. Sam
    May 25 - 15:20

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