Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021

Everyone has heard of cryptocurrencies these days. With a market cap of over $1.4 trillion, the global cryptocurrency market is growing week on week – and with new coins springing up consistently, it may seem overwhelming trying to decide where to invest if you are a newcomer to the digital currency scene.

To help you out with this process, this guide will discuss the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 – covering a selection of the top cryptos in the market and showing you how you can invest in cryptocurrency today without paying any commissions whatsoever.

Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 List

Are you looking for the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now? Then look no further! The list below presents ten of the best cryptocurrencies to buy this year, with the following section diving into each of these cryptos in detail, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an optimal cryptocurrency trading decision.

  • Bitcoin – Overall Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021
  • Ethereum – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Long Term Growth
  • Ripple – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 with Practical Uses
  • Dogecoin – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Speculative Investing
  • Litecoin – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Bitcoin Alternative
  • Cardano – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Smart Contracts
  • Bitcoin Cash – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Fast Transactions
  • Tether – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Low Volatility
  • Uniswap – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for DeFi Tokens
  • Polkadot – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Decentralisation

Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy Reviewed

Trading the crypto market can seem challenging – especially if you are a newcomer. These days, hundreds of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are available to invest in, so it’s essential to do your due diligence and analyse your options when deciding which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

To help make this process more efficient, this section examines the ten best cryptos to buy this year – ensuring you have everything you need to make an effective investment decision.

1. Bitcoin – Overall Best Crypto to Buy 2021

bitcoin logo

Through our research, we’ve found that Bitcoin is still the best and most popular cryptocurrency to buy right now – even considering how well established it is in the market. Bitcoin essentially started the whole ‘cryptocurrency craze’ when it burst onto the scene back in 2009. Blockchain technology was brought into public awareness thanks to Bitcoin, with hundreds of other digital currencies the following suit and developing their own blockchain platform.

trade bitcoin best crypto to invest in 2021

Bitcoin still dominates the crypto market by market cap, with over $641 billion worth of Bitcoins in existence. We feel that Bitcoin is still a fantastic and the best cryptocurrency option for crypto investors, as due to its enduring nature, it doesn’t showcase as much volatility as its early years. What’s more, BTC is currently valued at $33,852 at the time of writing – meaning a return to the highs of April would represent a 91% return if you invest today!

Your capital is at risk.


2. Ethereum – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Long Term Growth

ethereum logo

If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy right now for long-term growth, Ethereum certainly fits the bill. With a market cap of $271 billion, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world and the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 behind Bitcoin. It’s important to note that Ethereum is very different from Bitcoin because Ethereum is actually a platform that developers can use to create and launch smart contracts.

buy ethereum best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 for long growth

These smart contracts look set to be the future, with hundreds of use cases that can benefit countless industries. Smart contracts are quicker and safer than the current systems we use today – meaning that if they were to be adopted on a massive scale, Ethereum would be the go-to platform for developers worldwide. With the price currently at $2273, there’s plenty of space for Ethereum to grow in the months and years to come.

Your capital is at risk.


3. Ripple (XRP) – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 with Practical Uses

ripple logo

If you are looking for the best cheap cryptocurrency to buy, then Ripple is worth considering. Ripple (also known as XRP) essentially allows immediate payments anywhere in the world – much faster than the traditional payment systems that are still in use today. What’s more, XRP will enable payments to be sent for a fraction of the cost that banks typically charge, which could be huge in the years to come.

trade XRP best cryptocurrency with practical uses

making it an incredibly cheap crypto to invest in and to be considered in your personal finance plan. Due to the price being so low, the potential gains are extremely high – if XRP’s value increased to only $3, this would mean nearly a 5x return if you buy XRP at current prices. If XRP continues to partner with large companies worldwide and becomes more commonplace for transactions, we could undoubtedly see the crypto’s value increase going forward.

Your capital is at risk.


4. Dogecoin – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Speculative Investing

dogecoin logo

Dogecoin is another crypto worth considering this year, as the digital currency has had a crazy 2021 so far. Initially beginning as a joke back in 2013, Dogecoin has unexpectedly grown exponentially so much so that it increased in value by 312% between April and May this year. Since then, however, Dogecoin’s value has dropped markedly and is worth only $0.23 at the time of writing.

invest in dogecoin 2021

Although this may seem like a negative, there’s still a potentially significant opportunity for this coin. Admittedly, the practical uses of Dogecoin are pretty nonexistent – the platform is not able to perform the same uses as Ethereum or XRP. However, if you do buy Dogecoin, there’s no ruling out another considerable push in the future. Much of Dogecoin’s value increases were driven by Reddit communities and tweets from celebrities such as Elon Musk – and if you are happy to speculate that this could happen again, then Dogecoin may be worth considering.

Your capital is at risk.


5. Litecoin – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Bitcoin Alternative

litecoin logo

If you are looking for an alternative to Bitcoin, then Litecoin is worth considering. Litecoin is designed to be ‘lighter and faster’ than Bitcoin, offering much quicker transaction speeds. This is a massive benefit for any company that uses Litecoin as a payment method, as it can theoretically allow instantaneous money transfers on a large scale.

litecoin review

Litecoin currently has a market cap of $11.6 billion and is based in Singapore. The development team has based Litecoin’s functionality on Bitcoin, meaning that users get much of the same practical benefits. However, as Litecoin aims to improve on Bitcoin’s current systems, there’s always scope for this crypto to increase in value if it gets the proper backing. At present, not much stock has been placed in the company – yet, like many altcoins, this can all change in an instant if one large company or organisation lends its support.

Your capital is at risk.


6. Cardano – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Smart Contracts

cardano logo

Cardano is very similar to Ethereum because it provides a platform for developers to create and run smart contracts. As noted earlier, these smart contracts have hundreds of potential uses going forward – meaning that any medium that can support these will be in high demand in the years to come. The difference between Cardano and Ethereum is that Cardano is run by a team of experienced engineers and researchers and is backed by peer-reviewed journals.

buy cardano best cryptocurrencies markets for small contracts

This factor adds credibility to Cardano and its platform, as the fact that it has scientific backing means that companies are much more likely to utilise the system. In terms of price, Cardano is currently valued at $1.41; however, it recently reached all-time highs of $2.4 in May 2021. If Cardano can continue on an upwards trajectory, there is massive potential for capital gains in the years to come.

Your capital is at risk.


7. Bitcoin Cash – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Fast Transactions

bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash was launched in 2017 after a ‘fork’ from Bitcoin. A fork is essentially when a blockchain splits into two paths – with each path following a different route forward. This means that Bitcoin Cash ‘forked’ away from Bitcoin and changed how it operates by increasing the size of the blocks on its blockchain. This size increase means that users can complete more transactions on Bitcoin Cash’s platform than by using Bitcoin – which means it can be used as a better payment processor than its predecessor.

invest in bitcoin cash - best crypto to buy 2021 for fast transactions

This move away from Bitcoin was brought about because Bitcoin essentially became an asset rather than a platform with practical uses. Bitcoin Cash attempts to remedy this by creating a platform that can benefit many companies and organisations worldwide. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash is valued at $513 – a significant decrease from the $1636 it was valued at back in May 2021. If the crypto can reach these heights again, it would mean great returns for many investors.

Your capital is at risk.


8. Tether – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Low Volatility

tether logo

Tether differs from many other cryptos (such as Tesla, Stellar/XLM, Ether etc) as it is defined as a ‘stable coin’. Put simply, this means that Tether is ‘pegged’ to a traditional currency – namely, the US dollar. So, in investment terms, one Tether token will always equal 1 usd.

buy tether

Tether operates on Ethereum’s platform and offers a link between traditional FIAT currencies and the growing crypto market. Many risk-averse investors will invest in Tether due to its low volatility and transparency compared to other digital currencies. Although this crypto may not exhibit the wild swings in price that make crypto markets such an exciting place, it is ideal for investors who wish to gain exposure to the market in a low-risk manner.

Your capital is at risk.


9. Uniswap – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for DeFi Tokens

uniswap logo

Uniswap is a token that powers the decentralised cryptocurrency exchange favoured by investors worldwide – also called Uniswap. This exchange is powered by smart contracts and runs on Ethereum’s blockchain platform. Due to this, any commissions or transaction fees that occur through the exchange are paid for in ETH, rather than traditional FIAT currency.

uniswap stats

As Uniswap is decentralised, it cuts out the middleman – meaning that no banks or financial institutions are involved in transactions. This is an incredibly appealing prospect for many people, as decentralisation looks to be how the trading environment is heading going forward. Uniswap tokens are currently valued at $22, which is an excellent price to buy if you feel they will increase in value in the future.

Your capital is at risk.


10. Polkadot – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 for Decentralisation

polkadot logo

Rounding off our list of the best cryptocurrency to buy right now is Polkadot. Launched in 2020, Polkadot aims to connect a blockchain network of all the current blockchains to create a truly ‘decentralised web where users are in control’. This allows developers to create their own blockchain whilst still benefitting from the security that Polkadot’s platform offers.

invest in polkadot

This concept is branded as ‘shared security’ and could be highly appealing to blockchain developers, as smaller blockchains are prone to hacking and unauthorised access. Polkadot rose by 894% between December 2020 and May 2021 – yet has decreased to $15 at the time of writing. Although this may seem like a negative, the fact that the price is now at a reasonable level means that there is plenty of upside if the value rises back to the levels seen a few months ago.

Your capital is at risk.


How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency to Buy

When considering which is the best crypto to buy, there are certain factors to keep an eye out for, ensuring you are researching effectively. With that in mind, this section covers some of the most important things to consider when analysing your crypto options – meaning you know exactly what to look for when conducting your due diligence.


One of the most important things to note when choosing the best crypto to buy is the price. Specific cryptos, such as Bitcoin, are already well-established in the market – meaning that the price is very high relative to other options. On the other hand, many altcoins and smaller cryptos are just beginning their life cycle, so their price may still be extremely low.

bitcoin price chart

Choosing a crypto-based on price should take into account your overall investment goals. It’s much easier to double your money by investing in a crypto valued at $1 than it is by investing in a crypto valued at $30,000. However, although this seems straightforward, it rarely ever is; cryptos with low prices tend to be highly volatile, so be aware that there’s always the possibility of losing money when trading this market.

Technical Analysis

Another element to consider when researching the best crypto to buy is technical analysis. This ties into the previous point about price, as conducting the technical analysis can provide insight into where price could potentially head in the future. Patterns and indicators are an excellent way to strengthen your sentiment on a digital currency’s price potential. However, the technical analysis only works optimally when combined with other types of analysis too.

Crypto News

News is another factor that can play a huge role in a crypto’s price potential. Due to the amount of exposure the crypto market is getting recently, news reports can cause large amounts of volatility for certain currencies. As an example, the recent issue surrounding China banning Bitcoin mining has caused numerous cryptos to drop in value.

crypto market cap

It’s also worth noting that many of the smaller cryptos will follow Bitcoin’s lead when it comes to news. As Bitcoin is still the most popular and well-established digital currency, any news that causes positive spikes in Bitcoin’s price will usually cause other cryptos to increase in price too. This also works the other way, in which negative news for Bitcoin (such as the China/Bitcoin mining issues) can mean the crypto market drops.

Trading Fees

Finally, trading fees are a crucial component of your crypto trading journey – especially if you plan to be active in the market. Spreads and commissions are the two main fee types to keep an eye out for, as these are essentially how trading platforms receive their compensation for facilitating trades. Some brokers, such as eToro, will offer 0% commissions and incorporate their fee into the spread, ensuring the amount you have to pay is always transparent.

Also, non-trading fees need to be noted too. These include deposit fees, withdrawal fees, inactivity fees, and monthly account fees. Most platforms will offer fee-free deposits for specific methods, with credit/debit cards usually accompanied by a percentage-based fee. This can vary from broker to broker, so it’s worth double-checking this beforehand.

Best Places to Buy Cryptocurrency

When researching the best cryptocurrency to invest in, an essential step is to decide which crypto broker or trading platform you will use to facilitate your investment. It’s vital that you do your research and choose a platform that allows you to buy crypto safely and cost-effectively – as this will enable you to trade optimally over the long run.

To help streamline this process, the section below discusses three of the best crypto trading platforms available to traders, with specific attention paid to their fees and safety level.

1. eToro – Overall Best Place to Buy Cryptocurrency

etoro logo

If you are looking for the best platform to buy cryptocurrency, we’d highly recommend checking out eToro. Using eToro is an ideal way to invest in the best cryptocurrencies to buy, as they are regulated by top-tier entities such as the FCA and CySec. These regulations ensure all traders can operate safely and securely when trading in the crypto market.

etoro crypto trading

eToro is an appealing option for crypto traders as they do not charge any commissions when investing. This contrasts with other crypto platforms, which tend to charge a percentage of your position size as their ‘fee’. Furthermore, eToro allows fractional investing, which means that users do not have to purchase a whole asset and can instead purchase ‘fractions’ of an asset. Put simply, this allows crypto investors to trade Bitcoin for as little as $25 per trade.

Deposits are entirely free to make, and eToro accepts numerous options such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Furthermore, eToro offers many valuable features, most notably their CopyPortfolio feature. This allows users to invest in a professionally managed portfolio – without having to pay any management fees. One of the best CopyPortfolios for crypto traders is eToro’s ‘CryptoPortfolio’, which provides broad exposure to numerous digital currencies.

  • Buy the best cryptocurrencies with 0% commissions
  • Built-in crypto wallet
  • Social trading network with copy portfolios
  • Accepts credit/debit cards and PayPal
  • Regulated by the UK FCA


  • Doesn’t offer a huge selection of altcoins or DeFi tokens

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


2. – Best Place to Buy Cryptocurrency with Low Fees logo

An alternative to eToro when looking for the best crypto to buy is is regulated by the FCA and CySec and also complies with the requirements set out by MiFID. This allows users to trade in confidence, knowing that their details and capital are protected. crypto trading

Much like eToro, offers a 0% commission structure when trading crypto. Instead,’s fee is incorporated into their spread – which tends to be very tight for liquid cryptos such as Bitcoin. As is primarily a CFD broker, users can utilise leverage on their trades. offers up to 2:1 leverage when crypto trading; however, this depends on the country you reside in, so double-check beforehand.’s minimum deposit is only $20, which is ideal for beginner investors who wish to start small and build their way up. Furthermore, does not charge any deposit fees, withdrawal fees, or monthly account fees. Finally, if you are a new trader, has an extensive selection of educational materials that can help you trade effectively right away.

  • Trade CFDs for over 80 crypto pairings
  • 0% commissions
  • AI analyzes your trading behavior
  • Educational resources to learn how to buy cryptocurrency
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support


  • Cannot buy cryptocurrencies outright
  • Crypto CFD trading not available in the UK

71.2% of retail investor accounts lose money when spread betting and/or trading CFDs with this provider.


3. Binance – Best Place to Buy Cryptocurrency with Credit Card

Binance Logo

Currently the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance is a popular destination for crypto traders looking for the best cryptocurrency markets to invest and exchange hundreds of cryptos every day. Binance offers a vast selection of digital currencies to trade, all through its user-friendly web platform. Furthermore, Binance is ideal for advanced crypto traders as their platform provides a way to invest in DeFi tokens and niche altcoins, as well as major cryptos.

binance crypto trading

Binance charges a commission of 0.1% when you place a crypto trade, which is relatively low compared to other crypto exchanges. You can even further reduce this commission by using Binance’s native token, Binance Coin, to facilitate your trades.

Depositing with Binance is also super easy – and you can even deposit using a credit card or debit card, which many crypto exchanges do not accept. It’s important to note that Binance does charge a fee when depositing through debit/credit card; however, if you fund your account using bank transfer, you can avoid these fees altogether. Finally, Binance offers a wide range of educational materials for crypto traders to familiarise themselves with the market, including guides, tutorials, and videos.

  • Trade over 500 cryptocurrencies
  • Commissions from only 0.1%
  • Advanced trading platform with depth charts
  • Offers mobile crypto wallet
  • Extensive security features


  • Not a regulated crypto exchange
  • Trading platform can be complex for beginners

Your capital is at risk.


How to Invest in the Best Crypto to Buy on eToro

Now that you have a solid overview of the best cryptocurrency to invest in, it’s time to discuss how to buy cryptocurrency right away. As noted in the previous section, choosing a suitable and reliable broker is a critical component in your crypto trading journey. With that in mind, the steps below will show you how to invest in cryptocurrency with our recommended platform, eToro – all without paying any transaction fees or commissions.

Step 1: Open an eToro Account

First things first – head over to eToro’s website and click the ‘Join Now’ button. You’ll then be prompted to enter a valid email address and choose a password for your account. Alternatively, you can even do this step through eToro’s smartphone app – one of the best trading apps available for crypto traders.

etoro sign up

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Step 2: Verify your Account

As eToro is one of the best places to buy crypto safely, new users must complete some KYC checks and verify themselves before trading. Simply enter the required personal information and upload proof of ID (a copy of your driver’s license or passport) and proof of address (a copy of a bank statement or utility bill). eToro will then verify these documents, which usually only takes a minute or two.

Step 3: Fund your Account

Before you can begin trading, you’ll have to fund your eToro account. New users must deposit a minimum of $200; however, if you are a US-based trader, the minimum requirement is only $50.

In terms of deposit methods, eToro accepts the following options:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Klarna
  • Trustly

Step 4: Search for Crypto to Invest In

Click into the search bar at the top of the screen and type the name or ticker symbol of the cryptocurrency you’d like to trade. To provide an example, we’ll be looking to trade Bitcoin. Once you see the appropriate option, click it, and then click ‘Trade’ on the following screen.

etoro buy bitcoin

Step 5: Buy Cryptocurrency

An order box will now appear, similar to the image below. In this box, simply enter the amount you’d like to invest – eToro require a minimum investment of $25. Once you are happy with everything, click ‘Open Trade’.

etoro invest in bitcoin

Congratulations! You’ve just invested in one of the best crypto invest in 2021 – completely commission-free!  

Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2021 – Conclusion

So, to wrap up, this guide has covered a selection of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the market right now. As you’re probably aware by now, the cryptocurrency market is expanding rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. By reviewing the cryptos we’ve discussed in this guide, you’ll have a complete understanding of the top cryptos available to trade these days – ensuring you’re in a prime position to capitalise on any positive market movements.

However, if you’re ready to start trading cryptocurrency right away, then we’d recommend opening an account with eToro. eToro is our go-to crypto broker as they are heavily regulated by numerous top organisations, ensuring users can trade crypto safely and securely. What’s more, users can invest in cryptocurrencies without paying any commissions whatsoever – and from as little as $25 per trade!

eToro – Buy the Best Cryptocurrencies with 0% Commissions

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


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