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With  2015  arriving in some parts of the world and assuming we will not get extreme last minute movements, here are some numbers for 2014.

The dollar certainly comes on top, but there  is quite a big  variety between the various currencies, which lost between just under 5% to more than 13%:

The main driver for the dollar strength is  the Fed not only ending QE but also moving towards a rate hike in 2015, and there are good reasons.

If we list these 7 currencies by relative strength we get this:

  1. USD
  2. NZD
  3. GBP
  4. AUD
  5. CAD
  6. EUR
  7. JPY

And last but least: WTI Oil closed 2013 at $98.42 and now trades at $53.37: down over 40%.

Stay tuned for our upcoming podcast in which we preview 2015, where some trends could continue and some could reverse.

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