5 Most Unpredictable Currency Pairs


Some currency pairs just give you a headache: they take a slow walk through clear lines of support or resistance, make jumps when nobody’s looking and get traders to draw strange lines on the charts. These currencies are the least predictable ones. Here are my top 5 pairs that are most challenging for technical analysis:

This list continues the recent list of 5 most predictable pairs, which offer much better conditions. But we’re here to discuss the bad ones. Here goes:

  1. NZD/USD: It suddenly makes wild moves, then makes slow criss cross trading on clear lines. This pair has been quite hard to analyze for a long time. Better use only fundamentals for this one.
  2. USD/JPY: The sharp fall after losing the historic low of 79.75 got this pair to lose the top spot, but it’s still quite hard to analyze. When you add interventions, you have a popular pair that is quite a headache.
  3. AUD/CHF: While each currency, the Aussie and the Swiss Franc trades relatively logically against the US dollar, when these two trade against each other, it’s quite complicated.
  4. GBP/JPY: Add the sharp, yet somewhat more predictable moves of GBP/USD and add the unexpectedness of USD/JPY, and you have “the dragon”. Riding its fire can be quite tricky.
  5. USD/CAD: Although it has definitely improved, it tends to advance a little bit in the range, then retreat and then move again. It finally reaches the next line, but the process is quite tiring.

Do you find these pairs unpredictable as well? If not, what are yours?

Which pairs do you trade? Is it one of the most predictable pairs?


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  1. I had problems with GBP/JPY ans CAD/JPY. USD/JPY is dangerous but not so unpredictable as other ones. JPY was so strong yesterday against GBP and CAD without a real reason in my opinion… Fighting with “the dragon”, finally I got 3 USD lol. It might be crazy to trade GBP/JPY as a beginner or I might become a great trader. Today I am in GBP/USD battle 😀

  2. If we have good indicators all currency pairs work well. Unpredictable pairs are good too but lower leverage should be used.