50 Top Forex Twitter Accounts
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50 Top Forex Twitter Accounts

The fast world of forex trading goes hand in hand with the short and quick tweets on Twitter. In 2012, the usage of Twitter has certainly grown for currency traders.

Tweets provide immediate news, quick analysis, recommendations about interesting articles, a place to showcase charts and a place to interact with fellows in the world of forex. Here is a list of 50  forex Twitter accounts.

New list from September 2015:  60 Top Forex Twitter Accounts

  1. @ForexLive – The Forex Live team brings extremely fast updates, insights market movers and lots of humor. Following the twitter account (which provides more than just links to articles) is an excellent way to know what’s going on in real time.
  2. @FXstreetNews – The main twitter account for FXStreet provides very quick news updates and also analysis of what the  numbers  mean from various sources. The updates cover a wide range of currencies. Following FXStreetNews is an excellent way to keep up to date.
  3. @djfxtrader  – The DJ / WSJ provide very fast updates on breaking news that move markets.
  4. @TradersLog  – The  portal  for traders and investors keeps everybody up to date with news releases, educational articles and is very active with the followers.
  5. @caseystubbs – Casey Stubbs of Winners’ Edge Trading is a must follow account. His level of interaction and support to traders is huge. In addition, he provides trade ideas, educational content and more.
  6. @CVecchioFX  – Christopher Vecchio of DailyFX is very active, especially in the peak trading hours. His views on the markets, levels of various currency pairs and interaction with traders makes him one of the best forex twitter users.
  7. @FX_Button  – Adam Button of Forex Live always has sharp analysis of what moves the markets, what politicians really say and where currencies are going.
  8. @Tradingnrg  – Lior Cohen of Trading NRG is an excellent source for gold, silver, oil for short and long term investment.
  9. @kathylienfx  – Kathy Lien is one of the most well known analysts in the world of forex and rightfully so. She provides links to articles, insights and covers key events. Her sharp analysis is always worth following.
  10. @FxProGlobal  – Forex Broker FxPro links to the articles on the site, as well as to other forex related articles.
  11. @FXDIRK  –  Dirk Friczewsky provides FX trade ideas and great chart. He is very interactive.
  12. @forexmagnates  – The Forex Magnates website knows everything about the forex industry.
  13. @Francesc_Forex  – Francesc Riverola, president and founder of FXStreet tweets about the industry, bank recommendations and more interesting FX topics.
  14. @simonsmithy – Simon Smith of FxPro links to interesting articles, interacts and provides interesting insights.
  15. @MCarrilloFX  – Mauricio Carrillo of FXStreet is active when talking about the market and is very interactive.
  16. @mhderks – Michael Derks of FxPro is an experienced multi-discipline investment strategist. He provides interesting insights.
  17. @DavidJSong – David Song of FXCM is very active on Twitter, providing views on a wide variety of currencies, provides links and interacts with others.
  18. @ForexFactory  – The twitter account of this big forex portal provides links to hot stories and hot forum threads.
  19. @JohnKicklighter  – John Kicklighter of DailyFX is active during the US and Asian session with technical views, insights and news.
  20. @leanco  – Lean is an independent professional forex trader that has the skill to notice interesting opportunities in the markets.
  21. @IlyaSpivak – Iya Spivak of FXCM is a global macro G10 FX strategist. He helps out the followers and tweets interesting market insights.
  22. @RagheeHorner  –  Raghee Horner is a very  knowledgeable trader and author. Follow her analysis of markets.
  23. @MBForex – Michael Boutros, a trader/currency strategist with DailyFX keeps everybody up to date with webinars, technical analysis and more.
  24. @FXstreetUpdate  – This FXStreet twitter account provides staff updates about interesting webinars for educating yourself.
  25. @BabyPips  – “Forex Gump” of Babypips has very interesting educational content for forex newbies, but not only for them.
  26. @DRodriguezFX  – David Rodriguez of DailyFX covers the markets, points out technical points, provides images of charts and more.
  27. @katie_martin_FX – Katie Martin of DJ / WSJ has amusing musings about currencies and bonds.
  28. @ValBednarik –  Valeria Bednarik of FXStreet is an excellent analyst and she is very active on the twittersphere.
  29. @EuroWadhwa –  Silvia Wadhwa is CNBC’s euro-watcher – she covers the European debt crisis from all over the continent.
  30. @World_First – Very fast updates on breaking news, summaries on the day’s moves and outlooks. Led by chief economist Jeremy Cook.
  31. @lindayueh – Linda Yueh is an  economics  editor for BloombergTV, and she provides rapid updates on breaking news, especially from Europe.
  32. @MahiForex – The New Zealand-based forex broker covers the forex markets and provides many educational articles.
  33. @GregaHorvatFX – If you’re looking for Elliott Wave analysis, Gregor Horvat is the analyst to follow. He is very active and responsive on Twitter.
  34. @PipCzar – Blake Morrow lives, eats and breathes the markets and this can be seen on his Twitter account. His musings are up to date and very amusing.
  35. @MatinaStevis – Matina Stevis of DJ / WSJ is a Greek expat covering Greece and Europe and in a very interesting way.
  36. @edjmoya – Edward Moya is the Chief Currency Strategist for Trading Advantage. His insights about markets, what’s priced in, and what isn’t.
  37. @FXstorm –  Sophia Todorova trades, blogs and lives forex. She provides many educational insights and interacts with the followers.
  38. @Fxflow –  Boris Schlossberg is also one of the sharpest FX minds around. He has interesting market musings and coverage of events.
  39. @DailyFX – The twitter account for this big portal is always busy with news and analysis.
  40. @JasonForex – Jason Rogers is FXCM’s ambassador to social media and is very interactive.
  41. @50Pips – 50 Pips is an independent forex professional, coach and mentor. He provides rapid news updates, some of which normal media often ignores. He also  helps traders focus on the important support/resistance zones in the underlying high odds moves. In addition,    all commentary is supported by free chats and the free Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook videos posted on the blog.
  42. @JamieSaettele – Jamie Saettele of DailyFX understands what’s going in the markets and in traders’ heads. His musing about market sentiment are very interesting.
  43. @JoelKruger – Joel Kruger is a former currency strategist turned full time trader. He combines both skills in his tweets and shares key levels.
  44. @ForexPeaceArmy_  – The Forex Peace Army site provides reviews about brokers, scams, EA tests and more.
  45. @IsItCoffeeYet – Tim Black is a forex trader, among other things. His carefully picked links are well worth reading.
  46. @currensee – The twitter account of the first social network curates interesting articles from the web and is very active in conversations.
  47. @gftmarkets – The twitter feed of GFT has interesting market analysis and insights.
  48. @FreshPips – Fresh pips serves fresh, relevant forex news hadpicked by forex traders.
  49. @alaidi  –  Ashraf Laidi is one of the most esteemed forex analysts.
  50. @ftalpha  – The FT Alphaville team provides market news and views in addition to links to their articles.
  51. @DailyFXTeam: The DailyFX team’s twitter account, for various types of news updates and alerts about incoming news.
  52. @MahiFX – The New Zealand based forex broker not only shares market commentary but also uses its Twitter account as an eclectic aggregator  of news.

The list is accompanied by short descriptions. If any important account is missing, or if you wish to enhance the description, please contact me or leave a comment.

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