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We start off by analyzing the FOMC minutes, continue by discussing the impact of the Paris Attacks on markets and continue with Thanksgiving seasonality and its moves before previewing the next events.

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  1. FOMC  minutes: The Fed told us what we already knew: they wanted to give us a hint about December. So why did the dollar slide? We explain.
  2. Terror effect on markets: The  terrible news from Paris and the  consequent events in France, Belgium, Syria and elsewhere certainly caught the world’s attention and also markets were influenced, but it wasn’t a clear cut. Will it impact the ECB?
  3. Thanksgiving trading: Apart from the obvious lower volume,  there are some seasonal effects,  especially for “Cyber Monday”. We drill down the  numbers.
  4. Preview for next week’s events: US GDP stands out in Thanksgiving week but this is certainly not the only event in a week that is crammed early on and becomes light afterwards.

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